Welcome to my website


Illustration is the main focus of my studies. I love to create analogue drawings using various materials, but I also like to work digitally through Photoshop and Illustrator.


After mastering the techniques at Sint-Lucas I definitely found a new favorite medium in photography. That’s why I added some pictures to my portfolio next to my illustrations.


I mostly focus on illustration, but occasionally I get in touch with animation too. The last few years I’ve made multiple stop motions, GIFs and animations.

Check out my Portfolio

I’ve divided my portfolio into 6 distinct categories based on subject or medium. First off are my commissioned and freebased illustrations where I try to offer a diverse perspective of my drawing style. Next up are my Gifs, stop motions and animations bundled under Poppy’s videos. My photography consists mostly of school assignments and free work executed in series or standalones.

The second row covers my bigger projects. For my corporate identity I created my logo, Perry the Mercat, incorporating my love for Art Deco, mythological creatures and cats. I’ve also designed a website, a portfolio box, buttons, postcards, stickers, a booklet, etc. Continuing on we arrive at my bachelor projects. Why two? One I made to finish my Visual design studies bundling my acquired skills into one big project. The second one I made during my transition program leading up to my master year for Graphic Storytelling.

Shop till you drop

At Poppy’s shop you can find a selection of products I’ve put up on Redbubble. If you are digging my designs you can click on to my account and order yourself an awesome, personalized gift. Redbubble offers neat original designs printed on tote bags, mugs, stickers, phone cases, journals, T-shirts, pillows and more. Make sure to check it out below!


Recent news and upcoming expositions, basically any kind of big important update, I will share just below. But first, here is a list of past expo’s where you could have seen my work:

  • Luca school of Arts (Ghent) end-of-year exhibitions
  • Luca school of Arts (Ghent) graduation show (link)
  • De Kouter (Herent) expo in collaboration with Kristel Van Roosendael
  • De artiestentoer (Duisburg) in collaboration with Kristel Van Roosendael (link)

De artiestentoer

30 may – 2 June 2019

Earlier this year I showcased all of my work at home for “De Artiestentoer”. Together with my mother, the one and only creator of de chouchoukes, we redecorated the place and filled every nook and cranny with our portfolio work. 

Boekenkaftdag – Ezelsoor

4 September 2019

Back to school! I was invited to a book wrapping event for kids to go draw quick cute doodles on said books. How exciting! Those kids will be able to show off their unique book covers in class on their first school day.

Poppy on the internet

I’ve got a facebook page and Instagram account set up where I regularly post updates of my drawings and projects. You can follow the links and keep up with all of my recent creative outbursts. If you’d like to contact me you can always send a mail to poppymosa.art@gmail.com. Any kind of feedback/commission/message is welcome!