Poppy’s portfolio

I studied Visual design and Graphic Storytelling so I focus mostly on Illustration, but I have also taken on other creative projects in very different fields, which is why I’ve divided my work in six distinct categories to keep things organized;

First off are my commissioned and freebased illustrations where I try to offer a diverse perspective of my drawing style(s). Next up are my Gifs, stop motions and animations bundled under Poppy’s videos. My photography then consists mostly of school assignments and free work executed in series or standalones.

The second row covers my bigger projects. For my corporate identity I’ve created my logo, Perry the Mercat, incorporating my love for Art Deco, mythological creatures and cats. I also designed a website, a portfolio box, buttons, postcards, stickers, a booklet, etc. Continuing on we arrive at my bachelor projects. Why two? One I made to finish my Visual design studies bundling my acquired skills into one big project. The second one I made during my transition program leading up to my master year for Graphic Storytelling.