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Here I showcase a selection of my diverse intermedia projects. Take a look at my analogue and digitally edited drawings, some quick animations, a few artsy craft experiments, in- and outdoor photography and my three final graduation projects. Feel free to contact me for a commission / feedback / any suggestions: poppymosa.art@gmail.com

Graduation projects

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PoppyMosa logo GIF Animated

Eigen Kweek: Animation sequence

During my second year of Visual Design, I learned the basics of animation through this intense group project. The goal: create an atypical openings sequence for a typical Flemish TV-series. In our case the series: ‘Eigen Kweek’. My group decided to work in Illustrator, in a yellow-blue palette, using a rotoscoping technique of our own hands.

Open House: Aftermovie

After picking up the basics in videography and premiere pro, I set out to capture our ‘open house’ event at school. After hours of work, sweat and mostly strained muscles, I created this aftermovie and put it to the most fitting tune I could think of: “Kids with guns” by the Gorillaz.

Backward Storyboarding

I picked up storyboarding through a reversed proces; by choosing an existing commercial first, and then created a fitting storyboard for it. Afterwards I made an animatic from the storyboard itself. The clip is based on an older Chevrolet ad called ‘Maddie’ from 2014.

Kinder ad: move it like a GIF

During my Visual Design studies I learned to animate through this group project. During my internship at Havas Brussels I got to create a few social media ads for Kinder. After organizing a set and the necessary materials to make a real life stop motion, we decided that in this case a digital version might be better. In the end around 4-5 movies were published on Kinders Facebook page.

Mynutia Eye surgery logo

Mynutia: an Animated Logo

The KU Leuven Robotic Eye Surgery engineers contacted the Luca School of Arts for a brandnew logo and corporate identity design. A few of us volunteered and soon we were divided into teams to design identities, from which the KU Leuven team could pick their favorites. I’m very stoked to say they chose my logo design, of which I made a quick, cute animation to bring it to life.

A Sketched Stop-motion

An intense drawing class assignment. Unfortunately I didn’t have acces to a camera and tripod, which made things even harder. We had to draw, edit and take a picture of every change in pose or setting, stop-motion wise, while the model moved objects around every 5 minutes or so. With my hands and face full of charcoal I threw myself in the assignment and got this result.

Drawing Stop-motion

‘The student’s life’ is another stop-motion assignment we received during 2nd year of Visual Design in drawing class. We had a lot of fun drawing around our classmate, who opted to be the model, and in figuring out piece by piece where the story was actually going. Inspired by a real life situation; this student is late for class.

My very First Stop-motion

Through teamwork we created a horror shortstory inspired by ‘Elementaire deeltjes’ from Michel Houellebecq. It was my first encounter with manual stop-motion. In our story, Bruno refuses to take his medication any longer. But his wild, obsessive imagination starts to haunt his paranoid thoughts. He loses his grip on reality and unwittingly jumps to his death.

PoppyMosa logo GIF

Perry the mercat: My First GIF

Frame by frame, I drew out this quick, witty animation of Perry, the mercat who poses for my PoppyMosa logo. He continues to chase his friend Bubbles in a Tom&Jerry like style, forever on loop. I changed the scales a bit to make the GIF in a consistent blue tone.